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Do you think you can sell your property yourself but might need some help with some aspects?
What we can do for you
MyHouse Real Estate is an independent Licensed Agent. Being independent means that we can tailor our real estate services and marketing to SUIT YOUR NEEDS. This service can include helping you to sell your property yourself, SAVING YOU MONEY, allowing you to control the process and being confident of staying out of trouble. You can choose from 3 packages:
Marketing package
MyHouse Real Estate can provide you with all of the professional marketing you need to sell your property. You will benefit from our templates, suppliers and industry contacts to access the services that will give you the best chance of exposing your property to the right buyers. How this service works:
We"ll help you organise professional photography and a floorplan
You supply us with a description of your property
Your property will be advertised on - the premiere and most used website by the majority of home buyers
We forward all enquiries to you so you speak directly with the buyers
We supply you with 50 A4 colour brochures
We supply you with a professional, custom, full size For Sale sign with a photo of your property
You show buyers through the property, by private appointment or open inspection until you find a buyer
You find the right buyer and negotiate the sale of your property
You manage the sale through to settlement
You get support from fully qualified and experienced agents to help you with any queries you may have along the way
Paperwork package
If you already have a buyer or are confident of finding one yourself, MyHouse Real Estate can provide you with the professional assistance you'll need to complete all of the documentation and can manage the process from signing a contract through to settlement. How this service works:
We can provide you with Letter of Offer forms to give to buyers considering making an offer and to use to document the final offer you negotiate
When you have negotiated an offer, we can complete a Residential Sale Contract on your behalf
We can conduct the statutory searches on your behalf and serve the Form 1 (cooling off notice)
We will collect and hold the deposit on our trust account
We will monitor and follow up the "subject to" conditions of the sale, such as finance
We will provide your conveyancer with settlement instructions
You get support from fully qualified and experienced agents to help you with any queries you may have along the way
Full Agent Service
If you'd like to leave the marketing, running after buyers and dealing with the documentation, up to us, or if you've selected one of our other packages but wish to change over at any time, we also offer a traditional, full agent service. How this service works:
For all your private seller needs contact MyHouse Real Estate...
We will arrange professional photos and floorplan
We will organise a custom, curved, photo signboard
We will advertise your property on the internet and organise colour brochures
We will show your property to prospective buyers through private appointments or open inspections
We will keep you informed at all times and provide you with information to make informed decisions about the sale of your property
We will negotiate a contract with the buyer, organise and serve the cooling off notice and collect the deposit
We will monitor the process until all of the contract conditional are met
We will provide the conveyancers with settlement instructions
We will be with you at every step of the way until your property has settled
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